My 28-day Challenge

Losing weight is such a difficult task for some and I am no different. I have been battling with my weight issues since teenage years and until now, I have not found the right diet for me.

Most of the instructions on dieting that I have tried focusing on avoiding are carbs and fats. Some capitalize on the effect of vegetables and fruits to the body. There are even diets that avoid dairy products altogether.

While I have experienced slight changes in my body through these, I have not reached my target weight. Either the weight loss process took so long, or I got tired of eating the same bland food.

I found out about Scott Sonnon diet, the 28 Days Primal, while surfing the internet. It got me interested since it claims to get my desired weight in less than a month without sacrificing the type of food I like to eat. I also like that it is very specific on what I can and cannot eat.

In the Primal food pyramid, it is specified the three types of food I have to be aware of. The foundational level or the one I should partake the most is the meats and fats group. There is an emphasis, however, on grass-fed ruminants and pastured poultry on the type of meat I have to eat.

The second category or the optional level contains vegetables, nuts and seeds and dairy products with requirements on the raw, cultures and full-fat types. Veggies should also be red and green, organic, local and leafy.

The diet is also very specific on the food I have to avoid like grains, legumes, sugar and gluten. Soy and carbonated drinks are also a no-no.

While I can eat three to six times a day, I should eat a balanced meal of high alkaline food. Fasting a day with veggie-detox juice seems to be a fair compromise. I also have to temper my preference of ice cold water and drink at least eight glasses at room temperature.

detox vegetable juice

I will try this Primal diet and find out for myself if it can lessen my weight within 28 days.