4 Foods I’ll Add to My Diet

This past few weeks, I’ve been trying to sort out what exactly I’m going to buy from the product section. The light bulb suddenly popped bright on top of my head and made me go over a few books my dad gave to me when I was still in college. I’ve discovered that there are certain foods that would help me lose weight.

One of them is beans. This is fairly easy for me to add into my diet, simply because I love beans. We all know fiber is one of the best things our tummy can feast onto, especially when we’re trying to shed pounds.

Dark chocolate, surprisingly, is also an excellent treat that not only satisfies every sweet tooth’s cravings, but also those of health buffs. This one is a real treat for me, as I’m more into dark than any other type of chocolate. What’s even better is that I’d be feeling less hungry eating this than regular milk chocolate.

dark chocolate on diet

Pureed vegetables, sadly, is something I believe I should include in one of my meals. Almost everyone without any extensive knowledge about what’s healthy and what’s not will easily know that this one is a treat for the pacifier-sucking tot. I hope this is worth adding to my diet, as they say this can help lower your calorie intake while feeling as full as you would from a regular meal.

Saffron is the last food on my list, though I’m thinking I’d be getting the extract form so it’ll  be a lot more convenient. I can’t help but remember how my mother used to cook rice porridge, with saffron being one of the dish’s primary ingredients. Her dish sure tasted good, but since it’s not exactly the genuine ingredient that I’d be eating, so I just hope that saffron extract side effects would be the least of my worries.

Of course… I won’t forget to workout a bit! 🙂